Saturday, January 21, 2012

sprinkles' gluten free cupcakes

anyone who eats a gluten free diet will read that word and mourn a little bit inside.
what to do? 
either make your own or find some place that makes them for you.
sadly, neither is an easy process. 

anyone who loves cupcakes will have heard of sprinkle's cupcakes.
known to be the first cupcake bakery ever, no?
while in california last year, i tried them for the first time - pre gluten free diet.
sooo good. like, so good.
i was happy to hear about a new addition they added to their bakery menu, this time visiting the west coast.

a sprinkle's gluten free cupcake! 
(indicated by the G, obvi)

honestly, i was scared at first. i've noticed that any sort of gluten free cake tends to get gritty, 
and when not gritty - a little burnt tasting (whether they're burnt or not).

there's only one flavor to choose from regularly, and that's their red velvet cupcake with sweet buttercream frosting. fine by me, that was always my favorite anyway. 

seriously delicious. 
for the gluten free eaters out there, i'd recommend taking a trip to south california just to eat one of these bad boys. or find a sprinkles near you to get the job done.
 try one of the amazing spinkle's red velvet gluten free cupcakes (:
do it.

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