Sunday, February 26, 2012

bedside breakfast

this was a wonderful morning. 
i finally have had a little time to relax, so i made myself breakfast with the only food i have left at my place. literally, i have not been food shopping in a month. one egg, left over steamed squash, and the final three sweet pretty peppers left in my bag. i made myself some calming tea and put it in my favorite teacup. this is what it looks like.
good morning (:

off to go restock my fridge with maddie,
then vacuum and clean our floors, 
then paint our canvas, and maybe a wall of our place? who knows. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

photo's by maddie choma!

i usually don't get in front of the camera when someone else is holding it. i like staying behind it.
from time to time, there are some exceptions.
maddie rose choma and i had a photoshoot today, and this is what came about:
(enjoy! it's rare!)

and then there was a dress...


my apologies for the lack of updates. school has got me by both hands. 
i'll post the picture i took of maddie in a later date! 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

she's not really an angel.

hannah is my mom and my wife and my favorite model. 
we love each other.

here are some editing variations from our shoot!

and then we whip out the victoria's secret angel wings.

to let everyone know, this was fog. we literally were in a cloud. 
therefore, hannah was actually an angel in a cloud. like the stereotypical ones you hear and dream about.

expanding for my fashion portfolio for my new and improved website design. 
if anyone has any fashion or creative ideas for us that you'd like to see me shoot, i'd love to hear it.
let me know!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

sprinkles' gluten free cupcakes

anyone who eats a gluten free diet will read that word and mourn a little bit inside.
what to do? 
either make your own or find some place that makes them for you.
sadly, neither is an easy process. 

anyone who loves cupcakes will have heard of sprinkle's cupcakes.
known to be the first cupcake bakery ever, no?
while in california last year, i tried them for the first time - pre gluten free diet.
sooo good. like, so good.
i was happy to hear about a new addition they added to their bakery menu, this time visiting the west coast.

a sprinkle's gluten free cupcake! 
(indicated by the G, obvi)

honestly, i was scared at first. i've noticed that any sort of gluten free cake tends to get gritty, 
and when not gritty - a little burnt tasting (whether they're burnt or not).

there's only one flavor to choose from regularly, and that's their red velvet cupcake with sweet buttercream frosting. fine by me, that was always my favorite anyway. 

seriously delicious. 
for the gluten free eaters out there, i'd recommend taking a trip to south california just to eat one of these bad boys. or find a sprinkles near you to get the job done.
 try one of the amazing spinkle's red velvet gluten free cupcakes (:
do it.

a little more OOMF from cali

my trip to cali was amazing, and i'll make it that simple. 
i wish i could go back. everything is always so right there. 
my aunts are so great and i couldn't imagine a more relaxing vacation. 

we took a trip to the los angeles county museum of art, or LACMA, for all you cool kids.
i live in the mountains, as a permanent resident, but the views in california of the hilly architecture are breathtaking. it's such an organized and chaotic beauty.


rando art work i admired, 
oh you know, just some andy warhol and koons.

a bunch of different great stuff from glenn ligon, very insightful and powerful - and some humorous.

"i lost my voice i found my voice" / "i am somebody"

art <3