Tuesday, January 10, 2012

colorful, quite, and quaint california

i took a spontaneous trip out to cali the week prior to when classes start up again.
yes, only one week until spring semester begins again. it's kind of hard for me to grasp. so much has changed within the past month and i'm about to go back to my own place and try to set up a new schedule and agenda to build myself up.
until then, though, i've spent my time in an amazing city where all of your wildest dreams come true. i can see the hollywood sign out of the living room window i'm staring out of.
my aunts and i have spent the past few days at their place, on the rooftop patio, and inside the cute apartment, cooking and enjoying each other's company. as well as watch the republican debates and, right now, the NH primary.
go ron paul!
seriously, go ron paul. i'm begging my readers to not fall prey to the corrupt candidates the media promotes and finance. i sort of like my country, and without paul in office, everything i/we like is going to the dogs.

homemade guac! 

why do i post so many avocado related food pictures? 

one of the main reasons i love cali so much is its health 
awareness and the food that i can eat, everywhere. forever.  

 this is jingo baby <3

and this is the shrimp i ate <3

and this is what the shrimp looks like after i eat it <3

love from cali!

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