Sunday, February 26, 2012

bedside breakfast

this was a wonderful morning. 
i finally have had a little time to relax, so i made myself breakfast with the only food i have left at my place. literally, i have not been food shopping in a month. one egg, left over steamed squash, and the final three sweet pretty peppers left in my bag. i made myself some calming tea and put it in my favorite teacup. this is what it looks like.
good morning (:

off to go restock my fridge with maddie,
then vacuum and clean our floors, 
then paint our canvas, and maybe a wall of our place? who knows. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

photo's by maddie choma!

i usually don't get in front of the camera when someone else is holding it. i like staying behind it.
from time to time, there are some exceptions.
maddie rose choma and i had a photoshoot today, and this is what came about:
(enjoy! it's rare!)

and then there was a dress...


my apologies for the lack of updates. school has got me by both hands. 
i'll post the picture i took of maddie in a later date!