Saturday, January 21, 2012

a little more OOMF from cali

my trip to cali was amazing, and i'll make it that simple. 
i wish i could go back. everything is always so right there. 
my aunts are so great and i couldn't imagine a more relaxing vacation. 

we took a trip to the los angeles county museum of art, or LACMA, for all you cool kids.
i live in the mountains, as a permanent resident, but the views in california of the hilly architecture are breathtaking. it's such an organized and chaotic beauty.


rando art work i admired, 
oh you know, just some andy warhol and koons.

a bunch of different great stuff from glenn ligon, very insightful and powerful - and some humorous.

"i lost my voice i found my voice" / "i am somebody"

art <3

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